Are You Thriving or Surviving During Coronavirus 2020?

Life has been very different for most of us in 2020 mostly because of Coronavirus. Many countries, including the United States, was on some sort of “shutdown” or ” pause.” Students at all levels of education started learning remotely from home, and many people started working from home. Most resturants, movie theaters, hair salons, gyms etc.. closed down for a period of time. People have been wearing masks and staying six feet apart. We were no longer allowed to visit a sick loved one in the hospital or nursing home. Many people lost their jobs and many businesses went bankrupt. It has been a difficult time for many.

For me, surprisingly it has been a time for thriving. Other than not being able to travel to Florida to see my dad and sister, there hasn’t been that much that is a real challenge for me. Since March, which is when things paused in NY, I have been working on launching my business. I am able to do all of my work online. Because I was not allowed to leave the house that much and I did not have outside distractions, I was really able to focus and give my business attention. I have literally connected with people all over the world because of technology. I belong to several online communities and through these communities I feel a sense of community and belonging.

Once the weather got nice outside, I started to exercise outside and enjoyed being in nature. Prior to Coronavirus I would have continued my workouts inside a gym and I would have spent time in the car driving to and fro. I have more time to myself now because I don’t drive everywhere and it has been better for the environment. I also started a podcast called Masks Off with a friend of mine, and I don’t believe that this would have happened if I didn’t have the time at home and to be online.

What has helped me the most to thrive during coronavirus is my mindset. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many days where my anxiety level over this virus was through the roof especially since I have an autoimmune disease. I even went as far as telling my 20 year old son who was not being cautious, that if he didn’t follow covid guidelines he would have to isolate in his room. I have since relaxed on that. I am just taking each day in stride. I can’t control other people and I certainly can’t control what is happening with the virus. I can only control myself and how I respond. Most days I try to be in the moment and I tell myself that I am ok in this moment and my family is healthy as well. If one of us should get coronavirus then I will deal with it when it happens and I will get through it. My daughter just left to go to college and I keep reminding myself the same thing. If she gets coronavirus while she is away at school then we will deal with it. But what I can’t do is worry about it all the time. That is not healthy for my well-being or anyone else’s.

So, overall I have worked at having a healthy mind, body and spirit and I have had the benefit of using the internet to start my business and I have kept very connected to others through online community. Aside from being able to travel, coronavirus 2020 has not been that bad for me and I actually feel like I have been able to thrive.