Know Your Worth

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the things that you would like to have in your life or about the things that you would like to do that you never do because you always say you don’t have the time or the money? Do you find yourself day dreaming or do you get lost in fantasies of how you would like your life to be, but you see that you life is much different than how you envision it? Do you look at other peoples’ lives and wish you had what they have but feel that it would never be possible for you to have that life or lifestyle. Do you hear yourself saying things like: “when I lose weight then I will like myself”, “when I find the right relationship then I will be happy,” “when I have a certain amount of money then I will be happy.” You get the idea. Do you feel like health, wealth, joy, peace, contentment, freedom and abundance are unavailable to you?

Well, if you feel this way, you might be surprised to realize that we are the creators of our experiences. This was such a difficult thing for me to accept when I first heard it. I did not realize that I was living most of my life in victimhood. So often our past experiences, memories and belief systems from our past are affecting how we experience life in the present moment which then creates our future. Let me give you an example of a situation I had with a client to better explain. I had a client that came to me and said I want to have a successful career, be financially independent, and earn her own income which would allow her to be free to be herself. She explained that she had money blocks and has been financially dependent on her husband and spent many years raising her family. She started other businesses but she did not have the success that she was hoping for and so she wanted to do a session with me to see what was keeping her from having the success that she longed for and was capable of having.

During her RTT session with me, she discovered that because she was conditioned in her childhood to believe that she was not worthy or good enough for her parents, she developed a belief system that it was not ok for her to shine her light and that it was in fact, safer when she dimmed her light. She did not feel worthy enough to be her own self in her own family. She was not allowed to do the things that other kids her age were doing and she had to stay home and help around the house. This lead her to feel lonely and different from other kids. All of this wounding was the underlying root cause of her issue that she did not feel worthy enough to shine her light and have the confidence to start her new business and the confidence to know that she can support herself. After the RTT session, she felt such a release and a freedom that she probably never felt in her whole life.

This is what RTT does. It helps the person to get to the root cause of an issue and once the person has an understanding of the root cause, the client then can reframe the limited beliefs as well as upgrade their belief systems and create new programs in the mind that actually transform the clients life to have more of what the person desires. All of this is done while using hypnosis. One reason why the hypnosis is so effective is because it is easier to access the subconscious mind which is where are the old negative belief systems are stored as well as all of our memories. This is where the rewiring takes place and this is the place where all the magic can happen.