Do You Shine Your Light?

I remember as a kid that I wanted to be a professional ice skater, dancer, gymnast and singer. I was average at all of these activities and at the time, I believed that I could make a professional career at all of these things all at the same time. I can also remember having the courage and excitement to try new things all the time. I just had this inner confidence and knowing that I could take on the world. As a baby I certainly did not worry if I was thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc… I came into the world knowing that I was worthy of love and belonging. Young children do not care if they have dirt or food all over themselves and they are not afraid to be themselves.

Then somewhere along the way kids lose that sense of self, that sense that who they inherently are is amazing and perfect just as they are. I know that this happened to me as well. As I got older, I lost that inner knowing that who I inherently was, was worthy of love and belonging. I started developing negative limiting beliefs that carried an under current of “I am not good enough,” or “there is something wrong with me.” Although these imprints began in childhood, they stayed with me throughout much of my adult life.

They way these beliefs played out for me was in the way of addictions, anxiety and depression, people pleasing, conflict avoidance and just plain old playing it small. I know longer shined my inner light and I no longer knew who I was or what I valued. I got so caught up in playing roles that my true self was buried behind the masks that I wore.

It was not until I started on a path of doing inner work and healing from these limiting beliefs that were installed when I was a child, was I able to let go of those beliefs that held me back. There were many things that I did to heal from the past and one of the most effective modalities that helped me was Rapid Transformational Therapy. I am so grateful that I became an RTT practitioner because when I learned how to go to the subconscious mind which is where these limiting beliefs are stored, is when I was able to really experience transformation in my life.