Is Your Inner Child Sabotaging You?

How often do you hear people or therapists talk about the inner child? What is the inner child? Well, my basic understanding is that the inner child is the part of us that keeps us sabotaging ourselves. How many times have you said to yourself on January 1st I am going to start eating healthy or I am going to start exercising more. According to one study, nearly 80% of New Members will quit going to the gym within five months. That is a staggering number. One major reason that diets fail and so many people quit going to the gym, is that the inner child within us sabotages our good intentions.

It is important to understand the underlying root cause of why we overeat, drink too much, spend too much, overwork, watch too much tv, etc… Why are we “numbing out” in these ways? Why do so many people world wide struggle with anxiety, depression and addictions? Why do so many lack meaning and purpose in their lives and why do so many feel miserable and feel like they are stuck in the mud?

There may be a variety of reasons, but I can say from personal experience and from everything that I learned in my Rapid Transformational Therapy Program, that a huge underlying cause is that we just don’t feel worthy enough or good enough or that we belong in this world. It is the memories or imprints that we formed in childhood that keep playing out in our subconscious minds. It is the memories of feeling or being told that we were not ok the way were. As long as those belief systems are stuck in the subconscious mind, those unwanted behaviors will continue to haunt us.

I do feel enough and worthy of belonging in this world, and this was not always the case. I have worked on myself for many years and have done an amazing amount of inner healing. Again, I know from my own personal experience of healing my inner child that I have transformed dramatically in the way that I feel on the inside. Now, my desire is to help others to have the opportunity to feel the same joy, peace, freedom, authenticity and empowerment that I now have in my life.