Eating My Feelings

Welcome to Unlock Your Mind. I am so excited to launch my new business and to share Rapid Transformational Therapy with you! When I first heard about Marisa Peer through MindValley, I was blown away by what she had to say. I was intrigued to hear Marisa talk about the subconscious mind and how in order to change old stuck patterns, we have to rewire our subconscious minds. 

One of my major patterns was to eat mindlessly. I was definitely an emotional eater and I never had a healthy relationship to food. I can remember when I was a child I ate so much food on holidays and celebrations. Anytime there was a family gathering, I always ate too much. I ate when I was anxious and afraid, I ate when I felt lonely and disconnected and I ate when I was sad. I can remember for as long as I can, that I shoved food in my mouth to push down my feelings. I had no idea how to feel my feelings let alone identify my feelings. 

I just know that there was always this pain there and I wanted to get rid of it and thought I could do that by overeating. This went on for a majority of my life and I went on every diet possible and even saw therapists to deal with this pattern. 

Nothing worked permanently. I might have had a little success for a while but eventually I would resort back to my old behaviors of stuffing my feelings down with food. It wasn’t until I learned that our old limiting beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind and that is why we often remain stuck in our lives. We can not fully change old limiting belief systems by talking about them through the conscious mind which is why talk therapy only worked so far. 

I had three RTT sessions on why I was overeating and what was keeping me stuck. Since those sessions, I have been able to fully understand the root cause of why I was stuck in this pattern of overeating. I am able to eat more intuitively, which means I eat when I am hungry and if I want to eat when I am not hungry, I ask myself what my unmet needs are and meet those needs. I have freedom from that constant looping of overeating, feeling shame for doing so and then eating more. 

It was such an addictive loop. I have so much more freedom and joy in my life because I have done the innerwork and healed that old childhood pain that was stored in my subconscious mind. I am free to be authentic and to be an adult now. My hope and desire is to inspire others to do the innerwork and heal from their pain that is blocking them from living their most authentic lives. I want to be a beacon of light for other people to heal the darkness and find their way back to their inner light.